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A tin lining will darken and smooth with time and use.

Tin-lined copper cookware cleans up beautifully, and will last several lifetimes with a little attention. The tin darkens, hardens slightly and smooths with time and use, all of which actually improve a pan’s performance.

If you prefer a shiny look, you can brighten a tin lining with the following simple galvanic technique. This process is completely non-toxic and food-safe, and assumes that the tin has been cleaned of food residues before you start.

The recipe for a 3 quart tin-lined copper pan:

  • Fill the pan to the brim with water and bring to a boil.
  • Remove the pan from the…

Align your team, finish strong, preserve your sanity.

If you enjoy spending your weekends at hackathons as much as I do, you’ve probably noticed that some teams have fun and accomplish a lot while other teams get frustrated with each other and have nothing to show at the end of the weekend.

After attending several hackathons, I noticed that successful teams have the right people, the right focus, and just enough structure.

I recently had an opportunity to apply some of my observations at the Jumpstart LA Hackathon and would like to share what I learned with you while working…

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People often ask me “Where can I find a UX mentor?” When you’re a new User Experience (UX) designer, there’s a lot to learn. It’s hard to make sense of everything you’ve absorbed from classes, workshops, blog posts and books.

Even after you work in the field a while and gain experience, User Experience designers need to wear many hats and master many different skills to succeed. After learning everything you can by yourself, sometimes it’s helpful to have someone who can give you a fresh perspective and provide guidance.

Use these 7 tips to find and create a productive…

Lane Goldstone

Director of Engagements (NYC) @gophilosophie. Co-founder @Brooklyn_Copper. Founding member @balancedteam.

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