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As Bitcoin dumps again and is trading slightly below $3500 at the time of writing, I think Bitcoin may have hit bottom. This is very much the contrarian point of view right now. Everyone from Crypto Twitter, YouTube, and the mainstream media is anticipating lower lows and it’s almost a given that Bitcoin will reach sub-3k prices. I’m taking the contrarian point of view for a variety of reasons. The 200 weekly simple moving average is a major support level and Bitcoin marked its current cycle low by bouncing strongly off of it. I’m not a professional analyst and so this is where my TA ends. …


Think Outside the Blox

Cryptoasset enthusiast and investor. Futuristic economics. Twitter: @outsidethebloxx Steemit: @rompo007 BTC/BCH/BSV: 1PASkYbbru5LmGQeRC9Uvpys4H3ERWRDnU

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