Fizzy Brain.

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

I have a fizzy brain.

My mind leaps around constantly, I’m not great at focusing on things for long periods of times, I have an awful memory, I’m messy and disorganised.

Fortunately, that seems to help me make creative leaps, powers my curiosity, helps me make connections between random things, and create projects where I try and empower people to do better work rather than being reliant on me.

It also means I’m a big fan of lists.

To do lists.

I’ve never found a perfect solution to my to do lists. I tend to have, by the end of a week, four different places I’ve been capturing things to do — and about every three weeks, I land on a new way of capturing my to do lists, switching endlessly between platforms, notebooks, paper and digital.

Evernote, spreadsheets, long sheets of paper, writing on the mirror, bug tracking apps, writing my own software, wikis. Nothing has ever answered my needs adequately (perhaps never will?)

As a result, I’m always fascinated by different techniques for capturing what needs to be done — and stumbled across ‘END’ today.

I’ve long marked up my tasks as ‘Small, Medium, Large’ and ‘Now, Today, Later’, but END is about energy.

Is the task: Energising, Neutral or Draining?

Do draining things early in the day.

Do the energising tasks when you’re flagging.

There’s a whole load more on this concept here, here and here.

What’s your model for to do lists?