Sports Bracelet- An ultimate fitness tracking device for sports persons

How sports bracelet can improve the performance of athletes?

Athletes are constantly looking for something that will give them a competitive edge. Sports bracelet is the best and latest product in the market that is designed to enhance athletic performance.

A game known as hockey places high physical demands on its athletes, who would have to play 8 times in 13 days to win an Olympic gold medal, high levels of fitness is really important.

It is also mandatory for sports persons to focus more on their training work so as to become better players.

How can smart workout bracelet improve sports person performance?

Fitness is the most important aspect in sports person life. When it comes to maintain your fitness or exercise routine daily then it’s become hard to stick on that.

But possibly you can maintain your fitness or exercise program with workout bracelet sport that is very useful for sports person. You can enjoy your activity with smart fitness bracelet. This smart workout bracelet help you to build your exercise plan effectively by detecting steps, calorie, distance and sleep.

Features offered by fitness bracelet

  • Heart Rate & Blood Pressure- Monitors heart rate and blood pressure to keep your health on track.
  • Sleep Time- Track your sleeping time to know your rest and let you know your sleep quality.
  • Automatic Detection- Detect sports related information such as calories, steps, distance, time and date and display it on the band automatically.
  • SMS & Call Alerts- Notify you with various reminders such as call, SMS and wechat reminder.
  • Set Exercise Plan- You can set your exercise plan accordingly as per your needs.
  • Event & Task Notifications- You can even set your event and task reminder.
  • Connect You with Friends- Lets you to connect with your friends or share your exercise data on social platform like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Visit- ThinkRace Technology

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