Over the last 10 years I have worked in several roles that required me to hire good technical talent to ship new products. While I believe that a lot of companies have improved their hiring processes and tactics, many of them still make the same mistakes when it comes to attracting and retaining good technical talent. While I can’t guarantee that these tips below will yield the best engineers, I can at least hope that they will provide a framework for your own recruitment efforts.

1. Great engineers like to work on challenging problems.

Great engineers are motivated by the opportunity to work on challenging problems. A lot of companies and hiring managers forget that. I know a lot of companies and start-ups who pitch you about their funding, size, free food, pay, massages, flex hours etc and often forget talking about the challenging engineering problems your team is working on. When you engage great engineers in an informational, recruiting blitz or even when they are on campus for an interview focus on sharing the types of challenges your team is working and why they are challenging. There is a good anecdote from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos from last year’s IGNITION conference on youtube at minute 17 about working on interesting and challenging…


Shiven Ramji

Product Executive | Start-up Advisor | VP Product @ DigitalOcean 💙 | Amazon, LiveIntent, NBCU, Nielsen Alum

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