Climate Changed
Erin Biba

The solution is not giving away our wealth. The Paris Climate Agreement, just like the Kyoto Protocol was never ratified in the U.S.. Both used almost the same language to the “goal” of reducing CO2. The stark truth is that neither political party wants it. The reason is simple, the U.S. paid all the bills for ZERO tangible results and gave it to foreign governments with dubious spending habits or worse the U.N. with zero oversight.

If the entire populace went out and lived in a tent, which 90% of your writing seems to suggest (no idea where you plug in your fancy rice cooker), I’m sure the deforestation would grow substantially.

If your true to a solution for power needs to billions of people on this Earth then get behind the 4th Generation Nuclear push. It guarantees zero CO2 emissions. At this point in human history it’s all about mitigation. Nuclear is the clear winner especially if we shift to a safer operational choice. You live in New York today with four nuclear plants accounting for about a third of the power production to supply your computer.

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