Throughout the month of July I’ve talked about the incredible amount of plastic that is being produced around the world, the amount of plastic in the our oceans and the natural environment (and the damage that’s doing), and the problems of managing the a vast amount of waste we’re producing because of our addiction to plastic. So to finish the month, I decided to write about what we can all do to reduce our plastic consumption.

Before I start that, I’m not going to ignore the giant elephant in the room. We’re consuming so much plastic because brands use it so widely to package their products due to the fact that its cheap and easy to produce. They’ve decided that the convenience of being able to spend less packaging their product overtakes the need for protecting the natural environment from the dangers of plastics. However much we try to reduce the amount of plastic waste we produce, it’s incredibly difficult when its everywhere. …


Mike Hosey

| Founder of | Masters in Sustainable Development | Interested in all things sustainable |

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