First of all, even the best of policies can have some detrimental effects.
Srinivason Samppath

Hi Srini, There is one of us not thinking straight and it certainly is not me. Many people of your country have endorsed this end to end not just here but in different groups. The people who are against it are people like you (who don’t even put your full name on Medium) who are running desi consultancies or have got their EB1 visa through the loophole described above.

Look at me straight in the eye and tell me what I said is wrong and that nobody is affected even a small way on any of these points?

The 65,000 visas are being abused 50% by IT services companies. This is a big problem that needs to be corrected.

I am happy with the Silicon Valley getting engineers inside that are H1Bs. Not against them, but I am against non diverse groups of people. Many Indians only recruit other Indians. Tell me for a fact that this is not true even in the smallest way. Your people have high bias for the same breed. Even In India, I believe TVS hires only bhrahminhs (a sect of Hinduism, I guess??). What makes me believe that they don’t do the same thing here?

I think you will say YES to what I’m writing about if you are thinking straight with your head out.

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