The tech diversity story that’s not being told.
Anil Dash

It is terrible and delusional asshats like you that spoil it for the rest of the Indian people. Most of them have come to where they are by working their ass off, studying without basic electricity, staying for ages in green card backlogs due to no fault of their own and have succeeded passing all odds.

These races who belong in this country have been born with a silver spoon and have had everything handed out to them in terms of facilities. Why should they be given more advantage than an Indian who has passed IIT exams at the all India level amongst a billion people?? Compassion?? Yeah Silicon Valley is not the place for that.

Stop trying to gain brownie points with white people by throwing down your own race under the bus.

The advice that you should give to Hispanics and Blacks is to start working harder and then maybe people will start looking to them for a job.

Its not just Indians that have a racist view towards black people in this country. All races do.

When you daughter or your son is bullied in school or your wife is shot in public for being brown, you will understand what a bad idea it is to stereotype an entire race when you belong in it.

Next time stop behaving like a jackwad on medium. You don’t have to carry on being an asswipe!

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