Modern day slavery in America — The H1B visa

The H1B is probably the worst high skilled immigration program to have ever been created in the history of mankind.

Probably more so, because it doesn’t benefit anyone except big corporations, US government and immigration lawyers. It doesn’t benefit the immigrant, nor the permanent residents, nor the citizens of this country. It penalizes all 3 of these classes of people heavily instead.

Unfortunately the cucks in the government and big tech will never do anything about this or pretend to exist that this problem does not exist and would like to make this problem worse.

This article aims to educate the masses on the problems with this ridiculous visa program so that they can fight to abolish this particular visa system or improve heavily upon it to benefit the beneficiaries of the visa and the citizens.

Let’s look at the way H1B visa is detrimental to these 3 classes of people — Immigrants, Permanent Residents and Citizens.

Every year the USA issues 85,000 H1-B visas, out of which 65,000 visas go to individuals who have met the requirements for a H1B visa which are pretty basic. The problem starts here:

This year 2016, the number of applicants were 235,000 for 85,000 visas.Over 50% of this number were applied by Indian outsourcing companies like Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Cognizant whose M.O. is to send 1 really incompetent engineer over here to transfer knowledge to 9 people offshore. You read that correct — 1 engineer takes 9 American jobs offshore to India, because all these companies operate on a 10:90 onsite offshore ratio. Can you believe that? This is one of the reasons the entire middle class is getting wiped out! The business model of these companies itself is reliant on removing high paying jobs from Americans. Furthermore the lack of competency by the people at offshore is compensated by the companies’ ability to intimidate these youngsters who are fresh out of college to work 18 hours a day including on the weekends. Where does the average American even stand a chance here?

Furthermore, the companies mentioned above abuse the H1B visa so much that they don’t even pay those workers a reasonable living wage. You see many Indian engineers holed up together as roommates. Some upto 10 people live in a 2 bedroom apartment. Furthermore, many of them put their employee on a second leash apart from the H1B threatening them that they won’t get the experience letter (a pre-requisite to file green card), if they quit the company at onsite. (Previous employer denying Experience Letter — Community,

It is also a fact that the annual salary paid to the 1 engineer that comes to the US is also pittance. I spoke to one of my friends who was working in Silicon Valley for one of these companies who made a little over 70K a year. That is really pittance for the Bay Area, even employees working at the train service for Bay Area (BART) make more than that. Keep in mind, that my friend was “highly paid” for that company and the company was threatening him to go back offshore many times. If he went home atleast 1 day by 7.00 PM, he would get threat calls from his manager that he would be sent back offshore to India.

Hence the CEOs of big corps see this and see a easy (almost borderline unethical) way to make the stock go up through extreme cost cutting (just like Carrier/United Technologies did).

Lets go back to the immigrants pain points a little bit — Most companies apply for the immigrant’s green card only at the 5th year (the last year of the H1B visa). It takes a couple of years to apply for the green card itself (speak about bureaucracy), so in all it takes around 7 years for the immigrant’s green card to be applied. Please note that I didn’t mention whether the immigrant has received his green card or not. After application, the immigrant now enters a immigration queue (EB2 or EB3) which is atleast 70 years long (if applied in 2016). So for 77 years, the immigrant has to be stuck on a leash with the company who sponsored his H1B visa. Let’s think about the problems of this situation for a second.

  1. If as an immigrant your employability is low, (which for the 70k per year earner, it will be) you are stuck like a slave in this company for almost half your life.
  2. This gives the company all authority to give the most mundane and boring tasks which many Americans will not take, to the immigrant.
  3. This also gives the company authority to make you work insane hours under the threat that you will be deported.
  4. All incentive for the immigrant to invest in America (or treat America as his home country) is lost, because if the holding company fires him — the law asks him to go back to his country on the same day! Hence the immigrant saves and invests all his money in his home country and not the United States. This is the reason why most Indians are seen as stingy, miserly etc. Because they don’t want to spend their hard earned money here when there is no future ahead.
  5. Every 3 years when there is a H1B extension, its a time of nightmares for the immigrant and his family. What happens if the extension is denied due to some racist/incompetent USCIS official. What happens if the immigrant is denied entry at any of the US ports of entry while travelling back to India. What happens if the visa officer at the consulate denies a visa stamp when the current H1B visa expires. All these are scary events for the immigrant who has a family to support. Why should this be the case for immigrants for over 27 years?
  6. After 10 years of working on really grunt work in the company, whatever skills the immigrant had, is now outdated and he is thrown away to be replaced by another FNG fresh from India or China.
  7. Many Desi consulting companies apply for their employees’ H1B and keep them on bench without a job and also ask the benchers to add fake experience upto 10 years on their resume (for a college sophomore) to maximize their chances of getting a job. Even after they obtain a job, the consulting company takes the lion’s share and gives the employees peanuts. Furthermore, they don’t apply for the employees’ greencard until their 5th year of H1B.

The EB1-C loophole

Closely related to this is the EB1-C loophole. If you read the pain points by immigrants above, one of the pain points is the green card wait time which is close to 70 years or more, even for H1B immigrants in Google and Facebook (companies which are known to pay very well wages for immigrants).

There is a ridiculous loophole to reduce the green card wait time to 6 months and people are doing it. Let me tell you how:

The employment based green card process has 3 levels of priority. The 2nd and 3rd level of priority EB2 and EB3 takes 70+ years to get a green card. However, there is a priority 1 whose eligibility is managers who have spent 1 year in the sponsoring company abroad. That’s it. Can you believe that?? That is the only requirement!! There is not even a requirement to be highly skilled. So to exploit this category the Indian outsourcing companies simply make an engineer a manager who has 5 college graduates reporting to him, cook up an organization that reports to him and apply for his green card. Cognizant is the biggest user of this visa! So lets look back on that for a second. A software engineer that makes 200k per year in Google has to wait for 77 years while some idiot manager who doesn’t even know basic programming and makes around 70K per year gets his green card immediately?!? That’s just insane!!

Please sign this petition to prevent EB1-C abuse:

Update: A ton of EB1-C abuse has created a backlog in the fraud EB1-C category for India as well.

The Indians love this, because one of the salient features of Indians is “If I don’t get what I want, nobody should get what they want

Lets stop and think, is this how we want our life to be?

Lets talk about the pain points that permanent residents and citizens face if that is not obvious already.

  1. Lack of diversity in many IT companies — Most IT companies are only Indian and Chinese. This is true even in Silicon Valley. There are really no other races. Lets leave blacks for a second, there aren’t even WHITES!!
  2. The middle class is getting wiped out — The entire middle class of America is getting poorer and the number of people jobless and homeless are increasing day after day!
  3. Having a free leash in the country reduces your employability — Even if you are highly skilled, companies still choose H1B workers because they cannot exploit you without getting exposed to a barrage of lawsuits.
  4. Indians recruit only Indians — Let’s not be politically correct cuck, folks. We know this is true.

It is a sad era for America folks. Many immigration groups — FWD.US, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates only advocate for more and more visas without even bothering about the long green card backlogs. and Democrats are the high skilled immigrants biggest enemy. These clowns want to combine the illegal immigration along with high skilled immigration so that the immigration reform rule never passes. Its all clever politics at play.

Without giving immigrants equal rights, Companies are always going to choose immigrants over citizens. And every year there are 85000 H1B visas given to new immigrants making the immigrant rights problem even worse. There is no rocket science in this.

Why there is going to be a monstrous battle to get this fixed?

Except the immigrants and some intelligent citizens who understand the real cause of job displacement (the slavery), everyone is against fixing the green card backlog problem for the below reasons:

  1. CEOs — Corrupt tech CEOs do not want the backlogs to be cleared so that they can get immobile developers.
  2. Lawyers — Lawyers love attorney fees. Imagine the fees in H1B renewals when there is a green card backlog of 70 years for any Indian applying for EB2 after 2016.
  3. Indian Americans— For obvious reasons. If I had to wait, why shouldn’t you?
  4. Senators — Politicians always want lesser immigration.

Let’s come together and improve the immigration system to make it fair and provide equal opportunity for citizens and immigrants combined.

Lastly, I am in no way against immigrants, or Indians, or immigration. I am for all of these, and I am fighting for all of the above and US citizens!



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