Five new rules for airports and airplanes.

Living on both coasts, I spend a considerable amount of time in airports and on airplanes. Over time, and with constantly shifting social and cultural conventions combined with mobile technology taking over everything, I have created a few new rules to make the world a little better. Use them as you feel appropriate.

  1. It is still not ok to talk on your phone when speaking to the TSA officer, gate agent, or flight attendant. Frankly, it is not ok to talk on your phone when trying to politely interact with another human, but airport transgressions are rampant and just unnecessary.
  2. Men, no one wants to see your feet. Wear shoes with socks. Sandals without socks in the closed environment of airplanes just doesn’t work. Never wear flip flops anywhere other than the gym or pool.
  3. I can see your phone/tablet/computer screen and assume you can see mine. If you want to keep it private, get a privacy screen or don’t review the merger plan, porn pics, or bank account.
  4. Everyone knows you have not put your phone in airplane mode. It’s not going to bring down the plane, hopefully, but it is just rude and selfish to decide you don’t have to follow the rules and that no one can tell. We can tell, especially when the phone pings or rings.
  5. If you are bringing lunch on-board, make itsomething that doesn’t have a strong smell. Please. Closed cabin, recirculated air, your tuna sandwich with onions. One of those does not belong.

Overall, just be kind, be sensible, and have a safe trip.

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