An Addiction is never good. And now you are reading this because you already knew this. And you want to stop whatever you are addicted to. There are lot of things you can get addicted to. Maybe it's your excess use of a mobile phone that is bothering you. Or it might be your addiction to alcohol that you want to stop. No matter what the addiction is if you do not stop it is going to eat you from inside till there is nothing left of your own identity. Don' t worry, here are some techniques you can actually employ to stop this addiction.
This is my favourite technique. You can use this technique not just to remove the addiction of yours but also to make your vision for your future. Here is how it is done.
Step 1:
Find a suitable place probably your room where you are alone and no one will disturb you for the next 10 minutes.
Step 2:
Sit or stand in a specific place in your room.
Step 3:
Look towards your one side and imagine another you who is standing beside you. Now you have to physically look at him and that is important. He is yourself from the near future probably one week from now. Imagine that this you have already solved the problem of his addiction. Look at him with great admiration and respect that he has achieved what you are struggling to do. Imagine the happiness and confidence he feels which is very clearly portrayed on his face. Try to imagine all good changes in his life that will happen because of this change.
Step 4:
Now you have to stand up from your place and go and stand in his place. Now you are no more the old you. You are now in future you’s body who you are admiring the most. Now imagine you have already overcome the addiction.
Step 5:
Now you have to look towards the opposite side and see the old you sitting desperately in need of help. Go on and tell him how you have overcome this yourself. Remember you have to give him any creative ideas that are coming to your mind at that time. You might be thinking how can you say the idea because you do not have one. But that is the power of this technique. You have tricked your brain that you are a successful person and trust me your brain will give you ideas that you have never thought before. Tell you’re old you like he is your child.
Step 6:
Step back to become the old you. Thank the future you for the tips and take a decision that you will become that future you through the guidance given by him.
The fact that this technique consumes a lot of time which means you are saying your brain that you are dead serious about this change.
Now that is the end of that technique. It is time to move on.
Now if your future you don’t have a suggestion to say you can say this suggestion. This is a technique my brain suggested me during the previous process. But it greatly proved helpful when it was combined with the previous and the next technique.
Now say your addiction is to watch tv. And now you are having the greatest urge to open the tv. Ok, I say you can watch the tv but on one condition. Take a 5 min complete rest. You might be thinking "Is that it? ". Yes, that is it. If you are able to take 5 min rest without doing anything you deserve to watch the tv.
Believe me, it is not easy. The primary reason for your tv watching urge is to beat your boredom. When you are at the tip of this boredom even this few minutes will be hell to you. You automatically will think of other alternatives rather than taking this 5 min rest.
3. Alternative boredom killers.
Find some good alternatives things you can do to kill your boredom. Maybe like reading a book or writing a diary. Perhaps reading your newspaper or a new hobby. When you leave addiction you create new empty spaces which you have to fill or your old habits will come and haunt you.
4. Do not let you succeed resting challenge.
Never sit simply during the 5 min rest time. Do something from the alternative options to fail your attempt to sit simply.
That is it guys wish you all a successful addiction-free life.