Apple to Fold Up Rivals with its New Foldable Smartphone Soon

Mar 20 · 3 min read
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The giant smartphones manufacturing company, Apple, might launch the long-awaiting apple patents foldable smartphone by 2020. However, one thing that is bugging the Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is their rival companies, including Samsung and Huawei who have already come up with the folding smartphone. According to Wozniak, Samsung and Huawei are not experts with the concept of the foldable phone. He is worried if by the time Apple will launch its ‘magnificent’ foldable smartphones, the audience would have been dispirited by the initial launch of rivals’ foldable phones.

apple foldabale phones patent

The Apple new smartphones will be hinged in the middle, will have flexible displays and will allow its screen size to be a bit bigger, says the new patents. Roy Gilsing, the Dutch Industrial Designer, who has exclusively worked on Apple new foldable smartphones designs has revealed that the new Apple folding phones have the potential required to be a true game changer. The new foldable Apple iPhones will have the keyboard design similar to what we have seen in Nokia’s widespread and famous Communicator range back in the last decade.

Another exciting thing about the new Apple iPhones with a foldable screen is that these phones will have the capacity to bend multiple ways. For instance, these foldable smartphones can be twisted in the shape of a pyramid, allowing people sitting in opposite directions to look at the screen altogether. Apple has also said that the company may introduce the foldable feature for its iPads and Macs as well.

Apple has been known to come up with electrifying designs and concepts for its smartphones for ages now. After the successful integration of FaceID and TouchID features, Apple wouldn’t want to lose its ‘Leader’ tag for such amazing concepts in the smartphones technology. Hence, when it comes to its most anticipated foldable concept, Apple surely does not want to be left behind of its rival companies such as Samsung and Huawei. Apple foldable display feature is under the experimental mode and the sketchers are designing diagrams for double or triple fold for its display.

However, what makes the path easy for Apple to launch its folding phones in future is that Samsung’s new foldable mobile phone Samsung Galaxy Fold is not that remarkable as expected. Samsung Galaxy Fold has a smaller 4.6-inch display with oversized bezels that makes the phone not at par the standards of today’s smartphones. Besides, its screen does not fold completely flat, which is another reason why this foldable smartphone does not serve the purpose entirely. In a nutshell, the new Samsung Galaxy with foldable display has set a new product line to which its other rivals can improvise their products in the future. Now, Apple has a great opportunity to take note of areas where it can improvise and come up with a great replacement to win the battle of best foldable smartphones in the market.


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