Period Solutions Company THINX Applauds House Passage of Bill Allowing Women to Buy Menstrual Hygiene Products with Health Flexible Spending Accounts

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, July 30, 2018
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Period Solutions Company THINX Applauds House Passage of Bill Allowing Women to Buy Menstrual Hygiene Products with Health Flexible Spending Accounts

WASHINGTON, DC — On Friday, the US House of Representatives passed a bill, sponsored by New York Rep. Grace Meng, allowing women to buy menstrual hygiene products with pre-tax money from health flexible spending accounts. The legislation was part of Meng’s ongoing “fight for menstrual equity” and in a statement on Friday, Meng explained: “Menstrual hygiene products are essential and necessary for women, and deserve to be items that are permitted to be purchased with health flexible spending account funds… There is no reason why menstrual products should not be included, and I am thrilled that we are on the path to finally changing that wrongheaded policy.”

In reaction to the news, Maria Molland, CEO of THINX, the period-solutions company that sells period-proof underwear and organic cottons tampons, issued the following statement:

“We applaud US Rep. Grace Meng and the House of Representatives for passing legislation that will make it easier for women to afford menstrual health products. This legislation takes some important first steps in reducing period poverty — wherein people cannot afford critical period solutions products — and inequality generally by allowing them to use pre-tax money to purchase products like tampons and pads.

“Period management is not a luxury, and people should not have to worry about being able to afford period solutions products to go about their everyday lives. We hope the Senate will do the right thing and quickly take up this legislation and pass it.”

THINX is dedicated to combating menstrual inequity and period poverty in the United States and around the world. In March, THINX commissioned two massive light projections onto the Brooklyn Bridge and United Nations Secretariat building in New York City, calling attention to period poverty for International Women’s Day. THINX also contributed 1,000 pairs of their period-proof underwear to the organization #HappyPeriod.

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The THINX mission is to create the most innovative period solutions that empower our people and sustain our planet, while breaking taboos about menstruation and reproductive health everywhere. We are a company committed to combating period poverty and menstrual inequity in all its forms in the U.S. and around the world. Our innovation in period-proof underwear has been recognized by top industry publications, such as Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2017, Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Most Brilliant Companies of 2016, and TIME Magazine’s Top 25 Inventions of 2015. THINX was named a Gold winner in the Most Innovative Consumer Product of the Year category in the Best in Biz Awards of 2017.

THINX and Icon create underwear that champion and support bodies throughout different stages of life. From first periods to post-menopause and all the little leaks in between, THINX and Icon aim to empower their customers with sustainable solutions, all while breaking taboos around menstruation and bladder leaks.