Doors : A Death Concept

My name is Shawn McGary and I died 10 years ago and I am only able to exist by being thought of by people I once knew. Let me explain.

The very moment I passed, I was in a black void surrounded by a hundred doors.

Each door was different, some were nicely painted, others were not so taken care of. When you’re dead you no longer question anything and just accept whatever’s in front of you. The fact that I can still talk to you today surpasses my understanding.

The first door I opened, I saw my little sister at my funeral. She was thinking of me. I saw everything from her point of view and could hear everything she was thinking. I was the only family member in her life and now it’s just her. There is no feeling worse than leaving someone who needed you. We were best friends and did everything together. I was the one who signed her up for school, walked her home from the bus, and made her dinner. Although she was old enough to take care of herself, I still worried.

The other doors I entered in were of my friends and other distant family members at my funeral. Seeing everything and hearing what they thought of me.

I walked into awesome memories where I relived my youth with my closest friend Chris. He was remembering the time we got caught shooting air-soft guns at my neighbors dog, who happened to be our middle school principal.

I creeped into the memories of my past lovers. It was strange witnessing what it was like to fall in love with me, but somewhat satisfying.

I could walk in and out as I pleased as days continued on. It was fun to be remembered.

Weeks went by and I am noticing some doors are missing. At this point I wasn’t concerned and didn’t think anything of it, because of how entertained I was at walking into shared memories.

Some days these doors would come back and I could see inside of that persons world again.

But as months went on there were only 10 doors consistently in sight. I knew what was happening. I could only have access to the world I lived in through other people who have thoughts of me.

Watching doors disappear use to scare me. I use to run after them when I saw them flickering. Now I just accept that it’s almost over.

As of late, it’s just been one door that appears every other day.

My little sister still holds on.

Although, I love my sister. I know her life is moving on and more important things are happening in her life. She thought of me when she graduated college. I was so proud of her, she always hated school. She thought of me when she got married. I like the guy she’s with, he’s really good to her.

Any moment now, there won’t be any more doors and it that will be that.

To be continued…

(Not finished)