Why I like post rock music.

Most of my time during the day is spent thinking. I live in my own imagined world and I care very much about that world. I share very little about my world but I allow every one to come into my world and try to experience what I feel.

To this date I have lived exactly 9650 days, I have experienced many losses and many achievements in my life. I try to learn as much as I can from my experiences of life. I have listened a good variety of music which include Pop, Rock and Metal. I liked them very much but one genre in particular got stuck to my soul.

I will be honest, I do like poetry but I can never memorize it. I take as much as I can from the poems but I cannot recall it after few hours. Post rock music is the genre of music I like and listen the most, because it takes me to into my imagined world and fills it with existence.

The first encounter for me to the post rock music was by the band “Explosions in the Sky” and their item “Six Days At The Bottom Of The Ocean”. How I interpreted that particular song was as, I am put under the Bottom of the Ocean for six days where I feel the constant pressure of water up my head and body. I am constantly trying to fix my current situation, fighting the battle in the unknown and unaware of my future. In the middle of the song a moment come where I think that this is the last of me and I will never come out of this situation but in the nick of time I see a glimmer of hope and I believe myself that “No this is not the end, You can do it, You can come out of this uncanny!” I give it one more try, give it one more push, give it one more nudge and I fight with all the pressures and unknowns and I finally come through.


That day till today I am hooked and in love with the power of the artists who produce such music. I am also a night wanderer and I feel alive looking at the night sky, I find hope looking up at the sky and I energize my self. Post rock music helps me float and fill the void and emptiness of night sky.

I am listing some of the post rock music items that I listen.



These are just few what I listen and admire. Follow me on twitter @thirdknife to learn more about my taste.

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