Homework? Every day,

Tests? Fridays, Quiz — Surprise!

Ever since School life came into existence, the concept of homework tagged along with it like as if it were a buy one get one free product. I, for example, during the student phase, couldn’t bare the fact that the first step towards literacy came with a cost of after-school studies and that after spending 7 hours of my precious childhood, I had to come back home to face the same struggle AGAIN. …

It would be unfair to deny the fact that maths is probably the most hated topic but it also wouldn’t be fair to not accept the universal truth that Maths is used in every walk of our lives.


It isn’t really necessary that calculations should be known only by the geeks and nerds, right from bargaining when shopping to splitting bills when you catch up with friends for dinner. Every moment of yours is influenced by maths, don’t believe it? The ThirdLeap team has put together a few ways you’ve unconsciously applied maths in your daily lives. …

In a generation where traditional methods of learning are taking a back seat while watching kids take over gadgets, Parents, and teachers, you need to think smart and overtake their curious minds by walking hand in hand with technology.

Breaking barriers between books and children might be difficult and what’s even more difficult is creating interest in their hearts for Math, which throughout its life received the title of “the most difficult subject” by every student at least once in their whole life. …

“Let’s kill this person who invented Maths”

From a total geek to the forever absent student, every kid has quoted this at least once during his existence, ever since his introduction to knowledge. Mathematics sure is a subject that scares kids more than ghosts. But come to think of it, not only do kids but we as parents also went through this living nightmare until we reasoned with it.

We never really understood why we hated maths so consistently in the first place since they were many more subjects doing the exact same frustrating job like Physics, Chemistry.

Maybe, they’re…

ThirdLeap Math

“it’s okay you don’t understand math, we are here to make it simple for you”

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