The Nest Cafe, Alpharetta GA

At the corner of Canton Street and School Drive you will see an inviting little place called, The Nest Cafe. Although it opened in May 2016, I discovered this corner gem during a recent

business trip through the Alpharetta Farmers Market. Just the beacon my starving belly was hoping for! I fully intended on eating something before leaving home, but time flies when you procrastinate starting your day. So there I was, hungry and not at all enticed by fudge, caribbean food or extra large Italian sausages for breakfast.

I consider myself to be somewhat of a breakfast connoisseur, if you must know. I walked into the Nest Cafe and was immediately welcomed by the gentle hustle and bustle of the staff and the chatter of the guests. The decor is clean and inviting and the menu has a little something for everyone. I was saved!

I ordered a breakfast croissant with egg and tomato-simple but I don’t eat meat or cheese, with a side of tater tots-because you

know if tater tots are a breakfast option-They MUST be good!
 My plate was so neat and pretty that I couldn’t help myself but be one of those people who photograph their food before eating it. My tater tots came in the sweetest little mini frying basket that I am bound and determined to use in my own kitchen…as soon as I find them.
 The food was DELICIOUS! Fresh and flavorful, perfectly cooked eggs, warm croissant and a nicely ripened tomato.
 The steady customer flow let me know that although new to me, this place was no longer a secret to the hip Alpharetta crowd. I was somewhat envious of those I noticed walking down the street in their workout clothes and stopping in for coffee and a bite. Maybe I’ll look into purchasing one of the lofts above the cafe.
 The owner Jordan Segal, an impressive young entrepreneur said that his goal was to “to create a brand that wasn’t cookie cutter and not your basic ‘mom and pop’.” His vision brings the historic Alpharetta neighborhood an authentic and quality cafe that you must experience for yourself.
 If you find yourself wandering around the Farmers Market or maybe headed to the Avalon for shopping, stop by The Nest Cafe first. Service is exceptional, the food is great and the atmosphere may slow down your day a little. I promise you will not be disappointed…and you will be back!
Definitely get the tater tots!

The Nest Cafe

58 Canton Street, Suite 1o1

Alpharetta, GA 30009