The phenomenon of combustion manifested in light, flame, and heat.

It’s just fire people.

“JUST FIRE?!” you say! -as you should because fire is amazing. I have never had a party that didn’t end up with several people sitting and standing around completely silent, mezmerised by the flicker of the flames. So we at Third Moon House have declared the month of July as FIRE MONTH!!! And also because….well, smores are propbably happening here at the office later.

Who, when, where and what are we talking about anyway??? Fire in all it’s elemental, physical and spiritual qualities-all month long, one at a time and in every aspect we can consider.

For now, lets consider what type of excitement and panic would waft over your skin if I told you it was time to light your own fire?…as in, under your own ass. What dream, project or goal would hop, skip and jump to the forefront of your mind? Are you thinking…here it comes…. POW! Like a baseball to the head. Now, what are you going to do about it?

We don’t have to give you all the reminders of how great you could be and why putting off your greatness is awful-you already know you’re a rockstar, you already know that for every excuse you can come up with-we are lovingly rolling our eyes at you. All of us…the whole world of earth people.

We’re ready.

What have you got?

Seriously, tell us EVERYTHING!