More predictable bullshit.
Wil Wheaton

Yes. When the deflection (aka baiting) happens, the question has to be repeated but as if clarifying the deflection as an answer. So:

“Can you please explain to the viewers why Donald Trump Jr. attended this meeting with Russian operatives?”

“Look, lots of people attend meetings, and at least this one was face-to-face. James Comey was criminally leaking classified information through one of his friends to people who claim to be reporters-”

“So you are saying Donald Trump Jr was discussing James Comey with the Russian Government?”

“No! Let me finish. It was a simple meeting about adoption and not classified information like James Comey’s — lots of people have meetings and look at the way Hillary Clinton-”

“OK wait- I asked why Donald Trump Jr met with Russian operatives and your answer is about sensitive information from James Comey about Hillary Clinton?”

“No! See? This is how fake news happens!”

“Your answer is that Donald Trump Jr met with Russian Operatives to discuss fake news?”

“You are deliberately misinterpreting my answers, and I don’t appreciate-”

“What is the answer to the question ‘why did Donald Trump Jr attend the meeting with Russian operatives?”

And so on. If one is going to interview these folks, one had to understand and accept that all answers will be evasions loaded with talking points and their own rhetoric. Always. Some of it will be designed to incite or pique the interviewer into territory they know they can shut down. Once the interviewer leaves the question they don’t want to answer, they are off to the gallows. Meanwhile, the viewer assumes the original question has been answered.

Kamala Harris knows this, and you could see it in her plain and persistent questioning of Sessions. He responded that she was “scaring” him, and she was branded on Fox as “hysterical”.

This means she was on the right track. She knows she has nothing to lose — Sessions was going to say nonsense and later she was going to be labeled negatively just for being there in the first place. There was going to be no other result. She accepted that going in and didn’t let up — our press shouldn’t either. If you know you’re not going to get the answer at least expose the non-answer and keep the question live.

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