Hire a Node JS development company to build next generation web apps

If you want to build a great real-time web app, Node.js is the right framework to choose and a trusted Node JS development company is the right company to partner with.

The release of JavaScript frameworks has brought a remarkable change in the field of web app development. Everything that can be done on the web today, with JavaScript running on the server-side and also in the browser, was almost impossible to imagine several years ago.

Since the launch of Node.js, web development has been dramatically different. This JavaScript framework, built by Google, has empowered a Node JS development company to build incredible server-side, real-time web applications with two-way connections while allowing the developers to reuse the resources.

Node JS development company

You may ask what is so revolutionary about all this. Well, real-time web applications with two-way connections allow both the client and the server to initiate communication, enabling them to exchange the data freely. This is in contrast to the conventional web response paradigm, where the communication is always initiated by the client. In addition, it is all based on the open stack (HTML, JS, CSS) running over standard port 80.

What makes Node.js awesome?

Node.js allows the developers to create a remote control app that will be connected with another web application, which has to be managed from a distance in real time, simplifying it for you to control anything that you want to, with a remote.

Node.js, in combination with Socket.io, can be used for running a presentation on your laptop with the use of a smart phone as a remote control.

For those who want to have their own hangout, Node.js makes it possible.

By using Node web kit, a Node JS development company can build a chat application that can run on different operating systems, such as mac, Windows and Linux, easily.

Node.js comes with a great drawing tool that can be used by various people simultaneously.

The framework allows the developers to build awesome gaming apps and run the same on web browsers in real time.

Node.js makes it easy to build cross-platform web applications that can run seamlessly on different desktops at the same time.

The framework allows the developers to choose from hundreds of command lines, packages, mad science, functional programming, command line utilities, templating, http; logging, web frameworks, build tools, file systems, documentation and control flow.

Node js development company

NPM: The Node Package Manager

One of the best things about Node.js is built-in support for package management with the use of the NPM tool that is provided by Node.js by default. The idea of NPM is pretty much similar to Ruby Gems, which is a set of reusable components publicly available through easy installation via an online repository.

Some of the popular NPM modules include:

Express: Express.js is a Sintara-inspired web app development framework for Node.js. It is the de facto standard for most Node.js apps on the market today.

Connect: It is an extensible HTTP server framework, providing a Node JS development company with a collection of high-performance plugins referred to as middleware. Connect serves as a foundation for Express.

Redis: It is a client library.

Coffee-Script: CoffeeScript is a compiler that enables the developers to write Node.js programs using coffee.

Underscore: Underscore is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries built to be used with Node.js and two of its counterparts. It ensures better performance through a tad different implementation approach.

Forever: It is probably one of the most popular utilities to ensure that a node script runs continuously. It helps keep the Node.js process up in production in case of any unexpected failures.

The benefits of using Node.js for web app development are manifold. If you have decided to leverage the framework to build your web app, partner with a trusted and experienced Node JS development company that can understand your needs and provide you with result-oriented solutions that are in line with your business requirements.

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