Are You Against Gay Marriage Because: The Bible?
Scott Bateman

I realize this chart is just click-bait, but someone is wrong on the internet, so I must respond!
Your primary cell in the chart is incorrect. Jesus did teach that homosexuality is wrong. (It’s in Matthew.) Jesus also destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah because of homosexuality and other sexual perversion. So, Jesus in fact condemned homosexuality very clearly.
Most of the rest of your chart reveals you either haven’t studied the Bible and think it’s a list of rules to follow, or else you willfully are misleading people.

Those who study the Bible understand that it teaches that EVERYONE is sinful and thus deserve to be separated from God. Those who accept Jesus’ death in their place have their sins forgiven. Those who don’t, who choose to continue enjoying sin instead, have made their choice to continue being separated from God. The “rules” show us that we are sinful and need forgiveness, they don’t earn us credit with God.

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