The Thirdverse 10-Year VR Vision

After launching the world’s first multiplayer VR sword-fighting action game, “SWORDS of GARGANTUA” in 2019, we later rebranded the company from Yomuneco, Inc. to Thirdverse, Inc. on June 13, 2020. Additionally, we welcomed Hironao Kunimitsu as founder and investor, Kiyoshi Shin, founder of Yomuneco, Inc. and Satoshi Ban as director and COO.

We set out to combine VR games with blockchain technology in order to create a new virtual world where many people can live inside. We call this the “Thirdverse Plan”. This three-phased vision is designed to drive an era of “virtual firsts” where online communication is the norm and create a future where people can live freely.

Start of the “Thirdverse Plan”

Thirdverse, Inc., the new company’s name, reflects this desire to “create a third place in the virtual world (also known as the metaverse)” where people can spend their time in a way that is different from their homes, schools, and workplaces. Our goal is to make VR games more than just a game, and to create a “new virtual world inhabited by many people” by adding an economic sphere to it.

But why create such a place in the virtual world?

At the root of this decision was the feeling that many people may not be completely satisfied with the world they now live in, where it’s easy to get stressed and worried about something.

Many people feel suffocated by the appearance they were born with or the expectations that society expects of them, while living in a community where they are few and far between.

One look, one personality, one community for the rest of our lives. This has been the norm until now. But what if you could have multiple avatars (alter egos) of your choice inside the virtual space? What if you could have multiple personalities to match your avatar and live your life between multiple communities? If only there was a place where everyone could be the person they choose to be, regardless of gender, nationality or appearance. That is surely a wonderful world where people can live freely.

Our mission is to create a world where each person has choices in his or her own hands and can live the life he or she wants to.

Our predecessor company, Yomuneco, Inc. has been developing a VR MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online RPG) since its founding in 2013. We are confident to say that we have the best technologies among VR game developers in Japan, also used in our sword-fighting multiplayer action VR game, “SWORD of GARGANTUA”. The company’s name change is another step in the next phase of development as we continue to improve. We are eager to launch the “Thirdverse Plan” and to create the world we have envisioned.

The year 2020 has already seen a major change in the way people live; getting online to communicate with other people and get together with friends in games is becoming more and more common. This virtual-first trend is a great tailwind for the VR industry and for the “Thirdverse Plan”.

The First Step: “Being able to spend time in the virtual space as the person you want to be.”

The “Thirdverse Plan” is envisioned in three phases for the next ten years. The first stage of the project is to create a platform for many people to spend time in the VR space, which is targeted to be completed in 2022.

Thirdverse is currently working on regular updates to “SWORDS of GARGANTUA”. Right now, the game is a MO (multiplayer online game), but we’re in the process of updating our system and technology with the aim of developing an MMO type game, where hundreds or thousands of players can be connected simultaneously.

For future users, the way they spend their time in the virtual space will change considerably over the next few years. In the first half of 2020, many of us experienced meeting up online with real-life friends for drinks or for playing a game. Especially online drinking meetings are one of the key steps in gaining momentum for the transition to the virtual space, and in the not-too-distant future, a lot of people will be filtering the screen they see themselves on. It’s the same as posting a photo on social media using a camera app to make yourself look a little better.

The desire to improve our appearance has been fulfilled so far by us changing our makeup and hairstyles. From now on, you will be able to easily enjoy yourself as a “popular actress,” “Korean star,” or “Hollywood actor” by using filters. When friends get together using the same “filter”, we can call it a virtual community.

As more and more like minded people gather together in the virtual space, it becomes possible to move between multiple communities at will simply by changing the “filter”. It’s not so unnatural that the “personality” shown in each of the different places changes along with the appearance.

Of course, you can choose a different gender from your real one and decide to have a different voice as well. Within a few years, real-time translation of spoken conversations should become much more efficient too, and when that happens, even language barrier becomes irrelevant. As you enjoy your different selves, you’ll be able to communicate with people from all over the world without regard to age, gender or nationality.

Stay tuned to learn more about our “Thirdverse Plan” and how we’re shaping the future of “life moving from real to virtual”.

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