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Street music in Philadelphia (Photo by Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman)

Cities are host to a variety of cultural assets, from local music to theatre, community arts and nightclubs. But not all of them prioritize these assets or their infrastructure — the spaces where creatives work, live and perform. In the quest to attract the “creative class”, these cities can neglect the very culture creators who made them attractive places to begin with. For the sake of avoiding the scourge of the “non-place”, Rebecca Greenwald has a simple request: listen to your creatives, preserve your cultural assets, and create a culture that is authentic and attractive for locals and tourists alike.

Check out our conversation with Rebecca, and be sure to check out her article with Yvonne Lo on Next City for more on the full report for the World Cities Culture Forum. …


Third Wave Urbanism

A podcast on what we like to call the third wave of livable urbanism in the 21st century as told by two young urbanists Katrina + Kristen.

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