This morning two emails collided at the same instant setting off a myriad of questions in my mind. The first, an appeal on Kickstarter to fund a film about IVF and a contest in Las Vegas where desperate and hopeful couples tell all in order to have a chance to #haveababy. While watching the trailer, an email notification pops up from Adopt International entitled “What are you thankful for?”. No hesitation answering that question. I am forever grateful to Adopt International helping us in our journey to create our family through adoption. We have three teenagers who were all adopted at birth near our home in California. I am also forever grateful to their birth families.

The Kickstarter trailer depicts the enormous emotional and financial distress to couples around the issues of infertility with a goal of raising $50,000.00. The email from Adopt requests help in raising $7,500.00 in order to provide older adoptees assistance in searching for their birth families.

I wish I could hug every person in the Kickstarter video and reassure them that giving birth is not the only way to become a parent or to fully experience the joy and pain of loving children and creating their family. (Oh, and they might need some of that money to pay for their children’s college!)

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