Poets Know That..

The best thing about writing poetry is the opening line.

No, make that the slow death of hope.

A line is a threat. A stanza a veritable gallows.

The best thing about writing poetry is the agony. An allusion induces obsession; it isolates the id.

Breaks beget cold sweats,

the brain behind the brow is beat.

Connotations are concessions.

Don’t get me started on form.

Is it true that you must be a little mad to do it?

A slow death, yes. Begged by the critical eye.

Don’t not edit. Don’t edit.

Follow the rules,

or, hey, fuck ’em.

It is born out of love for it, for Poetry, big P.

The skill is but an ode to the craft.

Anything less than perfect execution is a slight.

Nay, blasphemy. May as well tie the words into cords,

the cords into nooses.

We dare not fail. We fail constantly.

Failure has no context. Success is measured in increments of relief.

The best thing about writing poetry is not writing poetry-

but reading it.

Reading poetry is watching the magic show. The anticipation, the set-up, Glitter and glamour and guile; we watch in idle, careless wonder. Just enough drama to invest us in the Great Reveal.

Writing poetry is designing the magician, the stage and the trick. It’s paying stage hands and housing white tigers and wrangling the rider. It’s finding a way to make hearts sync, to make tears drip into grins.

Just how do you set music to a man stuck in a fridge?

The best thing about writing poetry is letting it leave the nest.

The writing race is an eternal relay, there are no finish lines.

No victory ribbons.

Sooner or later we must take respite. The baton passes to the next frenzy. All poems are the same poems. Each a leg in an epic we will never complete.

Publication only means permanence. Readership means water breaks.

The verse is vindication and hope dies for a reason;

the reason is release.

For some short moments, we are unburdened.

That’s the best thing, really,

about writing


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