“AM I?”

I am afraid of growing old knowing the fact the many old people have sickness and have their own responsibilities and they are starting to be weak. But it can’t be prevented because it is the process of life. I am afraid because if I grow old for sure many of my friends will leave me and will not see again always. Ones we are old everything will never be the same and everything, everyone will change and I’m afraid when that time comes.

Love is it is when you are ready to fight even if it is against the whole world, it is when you are ready to sacrifice all of your time, all of yourself and it is when you are ready to get hurt. But love don’t hurt people do. It is when you are ready to trust a person with all your all. Love transcends all the material things and even physical beauty.

Someone is worth loving because they are they when they love no games, no jokes, no lie. They are worth it because they let the best out of you, you can be comfortable with them, they are worth loving because they improve you and your quality in life. They are many things that make someone worth loving that words can’t explain it. It is not the looks it is not the lustful things or anything bad, but it is the person itself and it is their inner beauty.

“The truth is everyone is going to hurt you, you just got to find the ones worth suffering for”