Is it Right to Kill?

In what I saw in the video last Friday it is about death penalty it is when you commit crime you will be killed because of what you did. Before when someone is going to get a death penalty it is very rare and the crowd will be there because it only happens ones in a blue moon. But now many got killed in drug raids and etc.

For me the drug addict and other criminals must be killed. I know it is not the right to kill but you pick your choice to have women raped and kill, innocent people be killed or drug addict or rapist be killed. For me it is just right that President Duterte kill them for the safety of all.

I know that killing is bad because our life is from God and God can take it back He alone can do that, but this killing is for the safety of followers of God I know that God can forgive and people change but there is no change for people who also take lives of other people.

It is their fault that they got killed because they do bad, they do illegal things. And if they reason that they are poor it is their fault that they are poor because they don’t work and study in school well they only gave birth even if they can’t raise it well like giving proper food,clothes and many more needs of a child. In this unfair world nothing is equal. The world is not cruel it is never been cruel too us. We people makes the simple things hard in our life.

I’m so sorry for this, it is my point of view but I don’t blame them it is their decision and not mine to make. We may not be equal here in earth but we are equal in the eyes of the Lord. I wish that everybody will change and do good instead of doing bad and stop killing each other we must love one another because we are brothers and sisters. I am not into killing I just want peace in every country in the world. I and her will study hard to be a good doctors in the future so we can help people have longer life so I really am not into killing.

John 13:34–35

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”