My First Journal-”Worst Weekend”

First to let you all know I can’t think of what I am going to say on my first journal. Because I forgot to list my daily activities because I’m busy even if it’s only the second week of school.But I remembered a little, so here I go.

Monday I woke up early because I got a good sleep. Because I don’t have any to do that Sunday night so I sleep early. In school I saw my friend their even he told me that I was to early to go to school.

Tuesday It is a very rainy day, I hate rainy days, I hate it the most when its raining in school days because it is making my clothes very wet when I’m riding the Tricycle. This day it makes my pants wet so it makes me in bad mood that I am going to waste my time drying it in school.

Wednesday This day I didn’t do anything much.Thursday I’m so excited because of P.E but I didn’t expect that my body will hurt so much. Many of my classmates have muscle pain too, I think it is because I just sleep,eat,sleep and go to school. My body has rested a long time so it was shocked by heavy muscle activities.

Friday I’m so excited because of basketball try-out but it was cancelled so me and my classmates played basketball outside instead. Saturday the day of try-out. I’m so nervous that my hands and knee was shaking so much and my heart beating is so fast. But after the coach picked the players I didn’t got selected to enter the varsity. But I am still happy that my 2 best friends got selected. I’ve learned that “If We Don’t Rise We Fall” and I just fell.

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