Keep on

We have read about successful people who are fought for their success in the stories, novels, biographies, articles, journals and so on.

Our favorite idols who are criticized, our favorite authors who are badmouthed, and even our admired persons who are thrown by bitter words by some parts of the society, have already enlightened us we may have to go through the same storms, and we have already prepared for that, especially not to be depressed or deviated from our path to our dreams and just KEEP ON.

But in reality, it is not such easy.

To neglect negative people and keep on as the way we are is not a very easy thing. Sometimes, (if we are unlucky enough), they will follow us all the way and are always ready to disturb or destroy us. I am not a successful or famous person but I am unlucky enough to meet such persons in my life. However, I am lucky enough not to meet many but a few of such people. 😄 (A few but very dangerous)

The first technique is “Avoid”. Simple and effective.

The second technique is “Make them your friends” as a quote goes. (Most of the people do it as they assume that this is a very useful and tactful way so that they can have good relationship with them and their idea is “Who knows? There may be one day you need help from them”. For me, PERSONALLY, I do not use this way as I do not want to get help from such people. If I had to choose between dying and getting help from such people, I would choose dying. 😝 Seriously. And it is very dangerous if you do not have enough resistance. Everything is CONTAGIOUS, both good and bad thoughts and habits. Even if you have 99.99999% resistance, the possibility of being contagious is still high, especially when you are going to be so close to them. Of course, if you are 100% good at resistance and 100% good at making enemies friends, it is PERFECT! I am not such good yet, though.)

The third technique is change their direction. Those who want to disturb or destroy your dreams or ambitions will find a way to do that, huh? So, just change their direction. While they are following that way to disturb you, just go to reach your real dreams. This is a little bit tricky. But we do need this.

The last but not the least technique is “PRAY”. Pray not to be such persons in every life, not to meet such persons in every life, to be loved by everyone, to love everyone and to be wise and to meet wise people in each and every life.

All the famous or successful or confident or even an average person is fought or attacked at least once in their life. So, you are not the only one. Just keep on and grab your dreams.

Wish you all good luck!

With heart,