Being a Girl Child: The inhuman fear we induce

In India, we on an average, celebrate around 15–18 festivals every year related to a certain “Devi mata” from the hindu mythology. In India, a woman is considered as a form of the female goddesses. And as per ritual calls, the goddesses are praised, protected, respected and celebrated. But why then are, their supposedly ‘incarnate ‘ killed before they are even born? Why is a girl, a new born infant, in a country like ours, considered as a liability, an impurity or a curse?

The issue referred here to is the issue of “female feticide” or the selective abortion of the female fetus. This is not an Indian thing or a trend that only we follow, but the shame lies with the fact that practice of this inhuman act takes place in India way more that anywhere else. This act of desolation of humanity, has raised a worldwide concern. According to the stats, in India, due to female feticide, the sex ratio of some cities is as uneven as 8000:1000 boys to girls. Now the question that comes up is, what’s going on? Do we have a clue? Do we know why and how this is happening? Keeping it aside, the real question we should ask ourselves is, that do we want to know what’s going on? Or have we made peace to the fact that this is something bigger and beyond the power of a common Indian?

We all know this as clear as a day that India has been a male dominant place. Since the beginning, men were considered superior to women, because they had physical strength. So eventually men became useful and important, as strength was the most demanded trait back then. This led to the demise of women’s importance in the society. They were considered only as a method to carry on generations by giving birth to the next male heir. Yes! you read it right. They were restricted to giving birth to a male child or else, the mother could do nothing but helplessly look on, as her just born daughter was taken away from her. But then we developed. Technologically, not mentally. Well some of us even did. But a lot of us stayed back, to follow the same illogically inhuman rituals they were taught. Preferring a boy child over a girl child. So now, with the use of advanced technology, they don’t even need to wait for the child to be born. They can just get the sex of the fetus checked and then inhumanely decide the fate of an innocent life. Even though in today’s world, a woman as important and as worthy as any other man. But even if she isn’t, who has the right to decide if she deserves a chance in this world or not?

Let’s talk from another perspective. Every single living being needs a mother. We as humans, as social beings, need mothers, sisters, aunts, lovers and other female counterparts in a lot if ways but with ratios like 80:400 girls to boys, what kind of society breeds in India. Keeping relations aparr, women now-a-days are excelling in every field in every way there is. Be it sports, defence, government sector, private sector or any other field. Every field, every place, women thrive in every way there is. So why, just why do ancient norms come over our mind and force us to end a beautiful life before it can see light in its beauty it witness or feel nature in all it’s essence? A child, any child, deserves a chance. A chance to smile, to be afraid, to be scared, to be happy, to make friends or just to witness life. We cannot take that away from the child. And on what basis do we have a right, to decide that a girl child is a curse or a liability when we don’t even know what future she holds? How can we justify an inhuman act like female feticide?

Parnam Srivastava