EMG bands — Easy or Lazy

EMG band such techno stuff that grab the impulses from the muscles that the brain sends them to act , the EMG band catches the impulses of action and magnifies them to transmit them to the device which will further transmit it to the computer with a compactable software. Then we can use it for various action. It’s same gesture module but with a new aspect.

The module can be set with various gesture for various action. It’s can be for gaming, making a call, alarm, instruction to open the door and so on. But this will work only if the gesture is set properly and made properly. Having a different purpose for different age group. Like our age group like gaming, we would love to play games with a gesture as it will be easier. For the elderly people reading a book in and swapping the page using a touch is far better than swapping it with a finger tip. For the office, they can make it in the presentation and swap all the notification instantly at your finger tips.

Now it’s a new era that will end the use of keyboard and mouse. The sensors even which were used for such activities of input will soon merge in the function of the EMG band module.

But the disadvantage is that it make the human dependent without the module we will not be able to work out anything if we get addicted to it, it must be fixed for those who need it badly and what if they put flaws than correct output. It’s something that will make a man lazy to even make an object in hand, even lose the will of using the mechanical things.

I would convey a message to the world and the population the era is changing so we must also make a change and move ahead with the new upcoming gadgets. This ends with an open question will it make our lifestyle easy or lazy?

Bikash Chintak Dash