No Seeds, No Plants

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Insanity has been so high in past days as if evil is ruling, making an era evil. Female feticide one of the major social issues of our country.This an attention gripping issue which is also censured. Killing the female fetus in the womb. China came with the technology of ultrasound in late 90’s, but it was common in in India in 2000’s.Creator never makes an evil or good.

But it’s the society which makes them. Now with the common question why ? All with the common reason that girl child make a burden for the family. They come into the family as expense and even walk out with money. And numerous reasons and not even a single of them make a sense. But the practice is still on. They are killed everyday and minute. Still now government had put a ban on the section and it’s on the endangered practice. But still it was over million minds that a girl child is a burden. And it was a due to they were never given any chance to work. We all humans are equal but differ with the strength of physic and mind. Awareness and showing the positive aspect of the women to the one who split on them can change their mind set. They are the jewel’s we need to protect. There is also a mystery along with the one “either the egg came first or the hen” ”either the men came or a women”. Whose ever it may be we need to protect both as we all are a part of nature.

Public awareness and making a society with such mindset which can motivate the surrounding societies.

It is well said that our first love is our mother, then our wife, then it’s our daughter. I am not quoting this line blindly it’s with a logic most of the male have an emotional attraction for females and it varies for then change in age.We need love and affection in the whole phase of life. Protect them else you will only be left out to count your own fingers.

Bikash Chintak Dash