Female Feticide

Can an Indian daughter say, “mere paas maa hai?”

Still on this dawn of 21st century, I manage to see an unbelievable side of educated, middle-class Indians. Right there in the delivery room, moments after I heard her first sweet lusty cry, I found sympathy flowing my way as I hear the nurse saying, “Never mind, this is your first baby, you can try again!”. When I realised what they meant, I was seriously outraged. I had always thought such things happened to our economically backward Indians.

My grandmother was hoping for a grandson, but she never mentioned anything on my face, because she knew I would be giving her that “I knew this, you love your sons more than us, right?” stare. It’s true. She does love her sons more, but she is too god fearing to face it or show it openly. She knows its wrong for her to love us less.

Are all mothers open minded enough to not kill an unborn daughter? Doesn’t all Indian daughters want to raise this question? Hindus might not kill a cow, but they can kill a female foetus. Our Indian values are very practical, ‘Maya before Maamta’. They want a hundred sons and not a single daughter.

“Warped securely huddled in the universe’s safest abode, happily she dreamt of the day she would face the world outside, and would be welcomed warmly by the bonds of blood”


As we all know that female foeticide is a crime and social disaster for the future of women. We should notice the reasons for female foeticide in the Indian society and try to solve one by one on regular basis. Female infanticide or female feticide is mainly because of the sex determination. There should be legal stoppage to get control over it. All the laws should be strictly followed by the every citizens of India. And one should be surely punished if found guilty for this cruel practice. Permanent termination of license should be done if found practicing this. Marketing of medical equipments especially for illegal sex determination and abortion should be stopped. Parents should be penalized who want to kill their girl baby. Campaigns and seminars should be regularly organized to aware young couples. Women should be empowered so that they can be more attentive to their rights.

So coming back to square one, to the people out there who managed to chalk out time to read this, can a unborn female foetus, before coming into this world, manage to say “mere paas maa hai?”

Susmita Saha