Female Feticide: Just as the title refers to!

An action of deliberate ideas clamped with a firm motive.
Killing a female foetus without the legal measures of abortion is something that we must have a look at here.
In India the it occurs due to a high birth sex ratio.The average ratio is between 103 to 107 and anything above it is a suggestive case of female foeticide.
The child sex ratio is normal in the eastern and the southern parts of India but higher in the western side of the country. There is a striking relationship between abnormal sex ratio and the socio economic conditions of a state which predominantly determines the sex ratio of that state. Urban India has a higher sex ratio in it’s places where the economic and social activities with the literacy rate has taken a drip.
According to a census analysis by Dr.Amartya Sen he feels that Asian countries have a higher sex ratio than the European countries which firmly lies on the idea that if females here have a higher mortality rate and the men are the one of the fragile sex.
Statistically speaking there are 100 million women missing every year out of the 3 billion population in the Asian counties alone. Why is there such a huge downfall?
Did you think about it or did you deliberately let it pass? Doesn’t it cripple you to think that the child your wife is going to conceive might fall prey to it?
There are 100000 abortions and 500000 girls lost in an annual scale in India.
I feel ashamed to belong to a such a developed country with a rate of 10 million abortions since 1990.

A child that is born can’t be reverted but the acts by which it sees the first shade of light and existence can be determined only and solely by us.
There will be a platform of debates and ideas clashing with each other but I would like to ascertain that we should stop it. If we can’t give a proper birth to an offspring there is no way we can claim the right to have another or aspire for in anytime soon.

Female Feticide is an act of intense mental decrement.
Killing a fetus before it develops is not something that should be encouraged of.
It has been increasing manifolds in places like Jammu Kashmir,Haryana and Punjab.

The only way to prevent it would be by introducing campaigns and literacy inducing programs in the uneducated parts of the country.Family planning programs can fetch dividends.
But would all these efforts suffice for all this discriminity?

For all the beliefs that drives this act I would like to point out no action is strong enough to defy nature and before nature crumbles you,it’s high time we act more sensible towards it. A developing nation: Prospectuses of future development won’t go far with such derogatory tags. High time to wake up and bring in the change.
Most importantly it has to be from within.
Women are NOT the weaker sex and they deserve an equal level of existence as men.
Honestly speaking I would like to question everyone who has taken their time out for reading this article.
Can men seriously survive without a woman?

Rasesh Dhar