Feminism v/s Pseudo-Feminism:

The word “Pseudo” has its origins in Greek, in which it means “fake”, or “copy”. So what is this pseudo-feminism I’m talking about? Let’s just start by defining feminism:

Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

A feminist could be a man, woman, or anyone who believes sex shouldn’t be a factor in deciding what rights women have. It is a concept that strives for equality between men and women; it seeks to make it so that women are given the same education, the same platform, and the same opportunities a man is given in his life. Additionally, it seeks to eliminate the stereotyping of women that have been prevalent for ages. Women shouldn’t be forced to leave school and get married early, or to do housework, or fit into more traditional roles. I think a lot of us are feminists even without realizing it.

Pseudo-feminism is a term sometimes assigned by some to a branch of feminism they don’t agree with. More often, it’s just a wrong and hateful interpretation of feminism. A few bad eggs spoil the basket, as they say, and men will often use the arguments of pseudo-feminists to point out non-existent flaws in the concept of feminism itself. Supporting an idea and propagating it is one thing, but meaninglessly spreading hate and strife in the name of it will just undo everything good that has been done in the name of that idea before.

So who is a pseudo-feminist? Often branded “feminazis” by keyboard warriors on the Internet, they are people who do not understand fully the concept of feminism and seek to find instances of oppression and abuse even when there aren’t any. Pseudo-feminists have managed to mutilate the definition of feminism from what it actually is to a brand of man-hate, looking for any opportunity to seek not equality, but vengeance.

For instance, I heard a woman state that “all men should be raped and they deserve it” (I actually heard someone say just that in all seriousness). Would you want your own family to be included in that list? Would you want something like this to happen to your own children, or father, or brother? Probably not. There is a message here for all to see:

There is a difference — Chauvinism is prejudiced support for one’s own cause, group, or sex. Feminism, however, seeks equality and not superiority.

While it’s not extremely rare to spot a pseudo-feminist or someone who does not wholly understand the concept of feminism, it is not very common either. We as a whole do need to mature up to the concept of equality between the sexes and give women the opportunities they deserve, but what we do not need is people who spread hate and unrest in the name of feminism.

In conclusion: Partial understanding of a concept is a dangerous thing, and we have seen this in many instances, not just feminism. Half-knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance itself. Every man out there is not a rapist, out there stalking or staring at a woman. Feminism is a form of equality; pseudo-feminism is a form of female chauvinism. There is no comparison and no contest.

Dantin Kakkar
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