Is suicide the last option?

Few months back, my mom told me, the cousin I met last week had committed suicide. I was in complete shocked. I have always seen him as to be with a great self-esteem and self-confidence. Then why out if nowhere he took this decision. That was all people spoke for a couple of months. Everyone had only one same question; to be exact! Why??

Now thinking about this issue. I got to know a lot of things and results were quite shocking. Diverse backgrounds, diverse goals, diverse opinions; but same decision!

Today the youth of India are vulnerable. Some of them are expected to be excited and active; they are the backbone of tomorrow India. And some of them are depressed.

There is an imbalance between the youth population. The limited opportunities for admission in schools and colleges; this puts some youth under a Great pressure. Parents too suffer a lot during the admission and the institutions have caused an economic burden to them. If you think giving, exams are the toughest parts youth can experience. Rethink!!!!! Getting admissions are hell! You need to get everything right. You need to fulfill dreams of your parents. You need to get into a dream college of your parents.

Once I myself thought to suicide after giving my mains exam as it was a blunder and my father thought I would get admission nowhere. I almost wrote my last words, but thankfully I slept in middle… And then in the morning I realized I just needed few sleeping pills and couple of counseling session to rethink about my life and career.For parents the performance of their child and for children, marks are benchmarks of their self-esteem. The combination can be fatal. But you need to think once before any wrong action. Once you get into one; placements are another hell!!! Even after getting placed, the comparison in relation to the pay received causes all the more pain. Tough deadlines and hectic work atmosphere have taken the lives of many youth.

Friendships and relationships have also played equal parts in this gamble for life. The youth is too sensitive to sort any sort of relationship problem. The problem may be anything; fight with best friends, a bitter misunderstanding with girlfriend/ boyfriend followed by an even bitter break-up, family issues with parents fighting over their lives or over financial issues. But the youth is greatly affected. They bundle up all these grievances in their hearts and eventually give their hearts a complete rest so they will never have to face the same, again.

Giving up our lives on small issues is never worth it. It’s just because we’re depressed, we’re crying out for help, we’re impulsive, we’ve made a mistake and there is no one with us to correct us, guide us and help us. And that’s the reasons… We murder ourselves.

There are many reasons why a person should not kill themselves. I have a dealt with just one of the reasons. A person who commits suicide thinks he or she may be hurting just one person, and if that person has hurt them, it’s worth it to get revenge. They fail to understand they just don’t hurt one person, but many, many others.

It’s not worth it.

It’s never worth it.

No matter what you are facing today, suicide is an option. But it’s the worst option of them all.

So turn out to those who will help you before you reach a tragic goodbye. Just remember, God loves you, and there are others who will love you of you reaching out. So that one day you will be able to say “I stared at fu**king self-inflicted death, and I courageously turned away. I am glad I did.”

Mansi Jain