Opinia 360 is a social user interface just like any other application in this 21st century. It is like a link between the masses and the sources that run our country, the Government to be particular. Opinia 36o is one of those applications which provides the users with a wide variety of choices. It is an application, where the masses can voice out their opinions. Right from the polling questions to any other issue that holds the most importance in the market and any current issues like bollywood, hollywood or any murder mysteries raging in the topmost families, to gossips about new upcoming serials — everything is discussed in this particular application. It is basically a medium between the masses and the government, a common ground on which both the government and the masses and interact and exchange ideas. .

Masses these days are solely dependent on social websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to voice out one’s opinions. Opinia 360 is one application, which asks for our choices, and takes necessary steps to propagate it as well. It is not just an application that provides us with changes, but one, where people can exchange views on a particular topic. If you are one of those people, who are hungry for change, then Opinia 360 is your ideal platform. This forum encourages opinionated individuals to voice out their perspectives and discuss about what the society thinks about a particular issue or matter.

With such an application available, what more are we waiting for? Get quickly to the android market or an I store, and get it downloaded! Quick! Create a poll. Go ahead with your opinion. Every opinion counts. Every voice matters.

Susmita Saha
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