Opinions or News?

Talking out the social issues along with your friend is like a chit-chat. But the age speaks that its time to raise the voice as a youth to all the ill social issues. This app is a platform to raise questions which is debatable and need a stand. You will face the questions that is relevant to you and your choice that will make you active as all the issues are a kind of shit when you don’t have any interest upon it.

There is always a question in mind that the public wants to state or quote but there is no such platform, but the Opinia360 app gives such platform which makes a good decision.

We have replies to the sensible questions that we put up.We can make such dormant issues which will make them a green in the environment. They can’t be until they are made an issue. So we must first raise a question about it then sort it out. I guess this is a wide platform which will make the burn for the evils out there. But who will hear the yells of the men using this app so it’s our duty we make them aware about the app and make it really a social app which make it a national stand it’s not about to make a news its all about solving an issue before it’s a news . But what about if it’s a cold war among states or societies and else. This is a stand which I think can settle the issue with the polling sense. It’s a democratic app which runs with the polling system which must make it user-friendly. It’s not that the majority will pole for the wrong. As we will have all the certified users with a repo of their own. And let the youth of the population decide what they want with the evil of the era. The laws is there, we are not changing the law we are making just reformation for the judgment of right and wrong. I feel this app is a complete package which also gives a stand to put your point why your decision is wrong or right. And even there is no redundancy of the comments. We can support else ones and support someone’s stand be in his favor.

So let’s solve the issue before it becomes a news.

Bikash Chintak Dash