Opinia360 is a voting-based application based on the simple premise of nominating a selection from a number of alternatives.

Your opinion matters. We all have varied and differing opinions on the vast amount of issues that plague our country, and on our day to day events. Most of us choose to keep our opinion to ourselves, but why do we need to do so? We should voice our thoughts on issues that matter to us. Indeed, there are many who would agree with me here.For the opinionated among us, there is, thankfully, an app which provides a platform to voice our take: Opinia360.

The platform is based on questions, or “polls” that not just provide statistics on the choices picked by the users, but also provide stats on the percentage of males, females, etc who picked a particular option, which allows us to get a better picture of the situation and what people think about it. This “first-hand” data helps them in finding out the stance of people on a particular issue or situation, which might help various organizations in the process of determining what people think and hence enabling them to make better decisions.

The app has 10,000+ users on its Android App (available on the Play Store) and the number grows steadily day by day. The registration process is short and simple, and you can get to your topic(s) of choice easily via the different categories presented on the first/primary screen of the application.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get Opiniastic!

Dantin Kakkar