Opinia360: This is how we Poll!

A person’s opinion often reflects the way he/she thinks. Contrasting mindsets, different thinking and the ability of logical reasoning is what gives rise to an individual’s opinion. But if we someday, want to know, the opinion of a random bunch of people on a specific issue, how do we find it out? We cannot go on and explain each person about the issue and then ask, what they think about it. That’s a waste of time and manpower. But then again, the collection of data and surveying is a hectic process but it ensures that everyone gets a chance to speak their mind, and then get to know what the others think. The same concept can be called polling. Polling is a way to find out, what a large group of random people, think about a topic. Through this, we can collect the data, analyze it, and then use it, in the desired manner. When taking a poll on a topic, it requires that everyone gets a say. So everyone must be connected to the main issue, in some way or the other. Now that’s where the Opinia 360 app falls in.

With a wide range of categories, and a versatile range of questions, the Opinia360 app provides a user to ask questions to people out there, about what they think, about an issue. It could be anything, ranging from a football team player transfer to politics. Any person, any question. Opinia 360 app is a stage to put out your word. To spread your doubt. To know what the others think. To ask them what they’d prefer. Because of the versatility and flexibility, the app provides a stage to anyone willing to come up to it. For example, a chef could ask around about which dish people like the most, or a fandom could ask what people think about the brand they follow. Not only Opinia360 app is a stage, but it’s also an open book, for people to take a peek and see for themselves, what the world thinks about a specific topic. And the thing is, not a lot of effort needs to be put in from the user’s end. The app is a model of the epitome of polling. It’s a virtual get together, for people of different interests to come together and know each other’s views and opinions. Not only that, they can know the opinions of any random group of people on a topic. Like if someone wants to know, what the ladies think about the new Tom Cruise movie, they could choose one of the many filters that the app provides and specifically take a look at the results they want to know about.

On a whole basis, what the app offers is:-

  • A wide range of categories.
  • A versatile list of filters.
  • A stage to speak up.
  • A look at the world’s opinion by just pressing some buttons.

All that, in just a simple and subtle app. The Opinia360 app provides all that an interested person would want. The basic idea of polling with the technological ability to analyze the data provided is what the app is made of.

Some might think that this is a waste of time or who needs to know what the world thinks, but don’t you think, how amazing it is, to just tap your screen and find out what thousands of people say about an issue?

Parnam Srivastava