Suicides don’t happen.They are planted-By Us!

Suicide, on a basic idea, is an unnatural death. When someone commits suicide, they end their life through an unnatural process. Now we talk about the statistics. According to a survey, 17% of the world’s suicides, take place here, in India itself. Some might think that this it’s a small number if compared to the country’s population, but let this be as clear as a fact, that this 17% consists of 135,000 Indians. 135,000 Indians commit suicide every year. 135,000 Indians give away hope every year. Now we don’t need ni stats to see the clarity of the fact, that out of theses 135,000, more than 80% are the youth of India. Yes, we do know that each year, thousands of young Indian give up their life after losing hope. Yes, we do know that they could’ve been saved, could’ve been helped. But how often have you ever made an attempt to help someone in a condition like that? Or have you, too, just blindly walked away when you saw someone put a blade to their wrist or someone get on the rail of a bridge? Do we even try to know their story, their side of the bargain? Before we bluntly tag them as cowards? But the main question is, do we have a clue why the Indian youth is ready to give in so quickly? The basic worldwide cause of suicide was stated to be “family problems” but when it comes to Indian youth, only two reasons, that too stupid ones, can be named as the cause of suicide. Those are either Depression or lack of communication which eventually leads to depression. In India, a student is so afraid of his/her exam result, that he/she starts planning on how they’re gonna attempt suicide rather than working harder for the next exam. Indian parents, the root of this issue, have such a stubborn mentality and a feeling of self righteousness, that sometimes even if their child is hungry, upset, tensed, etc. They still keep pushing him/her for something he might be trying to run away from. What I mean to say is that Indians lack the biggest factor that, if missed out, induces Depression. The factor mentioned above is the “lack of proper conversation”. If a person who is tensed, depressed, confused or irritated, is forced further rather than getting counseled, he/she is bound to break at a point. And that point is where the idea of ending one’s life seems the best way out. The basic thing is, in India, suicide takes place under common and stupid issues, thst could’ve been taken care of through a little understanding. So the bottomline is, we basically need understanding and respect for the emotions of other, in order to avoid this curse we know as suicide.

Parnam Srivastava
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