The Reservation In India

Reservation is a process of setting out a certain number of seats for the underprivileged sections of the society.

How often have you come across this term?

Hey,Joe that seat is reserved.

Hey,reserve my seat beforehand.Hey we deserve a pair of reserved seats.

Well is not it weird that privilege has been restricted to only one section of people?

India as a wide diversified form of land has a huge system of reservation for the minorities.

The primary idea of reservation is to provide an equal chance to all the people in the society and not to neglect the interest of any.It is to ensure that the concept of untouchability doesn’t creeps in.

It’s primary motive lies on the goal of uplifting the lifestyle of the people and their social being to a whole new level.

Today out of 543 seats in the Indian parliament which is infact the highest seat of power in the country,84 seats(15%) are alloted for the SC’s and 47 seats(8%) for the ST’s.

Seats are being alloted based on the proportion of tribes in the state.

It has almost been a majestic invasion on the country by these clan of people who have made it a point that the general category has a limited set of choices.

The percentage of SC’S and ST’S have been raised considerably causing the general percentage of people to fall off to 40% or less.

The pace of developement of the country has been deceased by several meters due to this reservation system.

India is a liberal country with the right to equality and acceptance in all grounds.

So if we keep on encouraging this level of judgement on the society there would be a day when the more deserving would sit down in the backstage.

Would you like to see that?

Would you see someone more deserving take away your seat that you have earned working?

Rasesh Dhar
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