The truths about IPL

There are a few truths about IPL and there is very little we can do to ignore it.

It is the most watched tournament over the country.It also has been recorded over the time to have paid the players more than international cricket could afford.

Cricketers who have threatened to strike because of too much cricket has finally decided to give in to all the money and benefits.

Everyone from Kumar Sangakara to Shane Watson,Sachin Tendulkar to James Anderson wants to play in IPL.Its a futile attempt to put down such an offer.

To those it seems that IPL is a celebration of decadence it is for you to know that the game here is played with the same white kookaburra ball and the same willow for the bats on the 22 yards pitch.

One of the primary reasons of looking down upon this format is that it has destroyed the career of bowlers marginalising them giving a better scope for the batsmen to exploit them.It could be said the same for a 50 over game but then it only happens in the final few overs provided the team has managed to keep the wickets in hand.This altogether has reduced the level of contest of the game.

It is said that the people who are about Indian cricket and test cricket being thrown into the backdrop are nothing but people who are afraid of bringing in a change.

The t20 format has taken a huge toll on the players.For example if you see IPL has taken the first 2 months of the Indian summer.It has drained the players physically and emotionally.

It can be pointed that the South African players who have shown an interest to play in IPL have not complained of deterioration in their level of cricket at the international level.

Even the best players from India have decided to take up the idea of playing the excess of t20 cricket before starting their career in the international format.

We can say that our captain of the country MS Dhoni has grown older with every passing tournament.

There seems to be something robotic about his captaincy.With every press conference, he is often seen to be complaining of excess cricket,as if he is on a treadmill he can’t switch off.

Over time, t20 cricket has gained in spreading it’s branches massively.

It would be really wrong to say that it has curbed the growth of international cricket and destroyed the contest of the game.

Every format has an aspect and aura of its own.

Something that demands respect.

But would it be legit to say that the format of the game has been destroyed due to t20?

What about the commitments that the players itself stands up to in spite of the workload at the international level?

Will test cricket take a back stage due to this new format of the game?

Rasesh Dhar
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