When Religious Fanaticism took a toll on me!

Uncritical zeal or with an obsessive enthusiasm related to one’s own, or one’s groups’ devotion to a religion.

Shani,Saavn, Parhezi(diet) khana, the Monday fast keepers, the Friday believers, the non-vegetarian is a part of the food cycle and the vegetarians who say don’t kill God gifted life.

Religion is the most controversial and complex, and at the same time the most talked about subject.

So who has the right to question all this and the authenticity of what is said?

It is good to be obsessed about one’s religion and beliefs. But how much obsession is good? And when does it become harmful?

In a secular and democratic world, ‘imposing’ and ‘proclamations’ should be terms that one double checks before executing.

Does questioning make me anti-religious?

Does wanting to know the root of what you have been following all these years make you a sinner?

Will the God-religion I follow curse me for it?

Maybe questioning on the other hand, would give me a better clarity and understanding of the entire concept.

I am a believer, but I do not wish to be just a blind follower.

I want to question, not because I do not believe in God’s existence, but I want to make my existence more valid.

The fanatics out there, this isn’t to hurt your sentiments. But this is a way of telling you that believe but do not impose.

Purnima Ann Varghese
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