Startup Founders Need to Start Doing Less
Feliks Eyser

I was the person who always missed the targets.

I know that I am an average person and I can't do miracles overnight.
Then, these simple tricks helped me to change my life.
I asked myself Why should I do this? This strong WHY helped me to focus on long term goal and inspired me to drive harder.
I asked myself "Can I do it?😏" 
I told myself "Yes, I can😇"
Execution makes the difference, right?
Then I strategized myself with the below mentioned tricks.
1. I decided my DAY before it started.
2. I broke down the bigger plans into SMALLER PIECES with regular intervals. "Pomodoro" Is the technique for ONE job at a time. I used it wisely.
3. I set my day's TARGET🎯(One is at 12 PM and another one is at 10.30 PM).
The reason behind this is, If I couldn't finish the tasks in the first half, then I would work harder to complete the remaining tasks in the second half.
4. I told my friend to work as an AUDITOR to review my performance and he can give a score of up to 10 marks.
5. I have been following the routine for 21 DAYS with the target of average 8 Marks.
Finally, it became my HABIT. Now I enjoy doing it.

This is how I eliminated the unwanted tasks. 
Friends, what’s your secret Mantra? Share in the comment section.