With Jayalalitha’s recent death and the state of Tamilnadu in mourning the so-called national parties playing a role in Tamilnadu has been doing rounds. I thought it’s pertinent to point out certain facts. You may or may not agree with me. In a Democracy any party can rule the state or a country. Let’s look at the history as to why Regional Parties took root in our country. Look at the past and the present. The Regional aspirations and the legitimate concerns of the common man living in a far corner from New Delhi never has been listened to. To people beyond the Deccan Plateau they believe that they are the only ones who are true Indians and have the moral authority to rule the nation. Or atleast that has been the perception.There has been no adequate representation in the government at the centre or Central Government agencies. This simmering discontent and the disconnect saw the birth of Dravidian parties. It’s certainly a far cry from the political oneupmanship seen in those days to the distribution of power to the local governments. If you turn back on the annals of history it is very clear. Nobody from North have ruled the whole country. Not even Emperor Ashoka or Aurangazeb. It was different kingdoms in the Indian subcontinent. Any social change will show results only after two or three decades. The era of coalition politics has dawned on India in the recent past and it’s here to stay. In this day and age you see more representation from Regional parties with National aspirations. In a diverse country like India you need checks and balances so that the needs of the vast majority of the population be met. The experiment with Democracy albeit a large one is still young in India. It will and has to evolve. When it evolves I’m sure all the states will be happy. I could see the BJP and Congress trying to seize the moment in Tamilnadu as the political vacuum has been created by the sad demise of Jayalalitha. They are also hoping for DMK to collapse at the same vein in the near future. May I just remind if “Wishes were horses Beggars would ride them”. You can’t wipe away the Dravidian Parties from Tamilnadu. It’s wishful thinking. The so called National parties should bear the psyche of an average Tamil voter. He or she always gives a clear mandate for the state and the centre. The advent of Dravidian parties haven’t done any harm in terms of the indices across the board. Look at the statistics. Tamilnadu has been at the forefront in terms of industrialisation, low infant mortality rates, high literacy rates to name a few. The mainstream parties have to piggyback on the Dravidian parties if they need stability in the parliament. I don’t think it’s wrong or counterproductive. The mid-day meal scheme introduced by MGR has certainly been one of the pioneering schemes in our country. It has helped the literacy rate to increase significantly and after more than 20–25 years we reap the benefits in terms of skilled Man power and social empowerment. The contributions of Tamils to the nation development cannot be ignored or wished away and so can the passions and aspirations of the millions of our population not be wished away. I’m sure “The intelligentsia” in the national parties would advice and act accordingly. I once again would like to reiterate Regional aspirations with National integration should be the way forward