Choose your Future….Choose Life!

(My own version of the Trainspotting classic ;-)

Choose driving an hour through traffic every morning to get to a job you hate and be ordered by someone you hate even more. And when you’re done, choose the do the exact same thing again tomorrow.

Choose Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Choose to post pictures of yourself to show everyone what a great life you have, while you rot inside.

Choose Michelin starred restaurants.. Private members clubs. Guest list only night-clubs

Choose to get piss drunk every Friday night and have meaningless sex to pump yourself full of validation

Choose Netflix. Choose Breaking Bad, Prison Break, Game of Thrones.

Choose to watch TV shows for hours in front of your laptop while you chew down your Big Mac. Then wonder where your day has gone.

Choose Amazon Prime. Google Maps. Kindle.

Choose to read Fifty Shades of Grey in public to show everyone how sexually fucking liberated you are.

Choose Business Class. Airport Lounges. 5-star hotels.

Choose a two-week holiday once every year, stay in a villa, then tell everyone how amazing the country is

Choose a smartphone. Choose an iPhone, Samsung, Nexus. Choose a nice shiny tablet to go with your nice shiny laptop.

Choose to take a 100 selfies with a selfie stick and not take in anything around you

Choose a Credit Card. Loan. Current Account.

Choose a nice house with an even nicer mortgage you’ll end up paying for the rest of your life.

Choose a career, a 9–5, a stable income. Choose lots of zeros at the end of your salary and a nice neat name like “manager” behind it to make yourself feel like your actually worth a shit

Choose Ikea. Homebase. Argos. Choose anything to brighten up your home so you can forget how miserable you feel inside of it

Choose trolling, online bullying. Choose slut shaming, because let’s face it, you’re just pissed off she’ll never fuck you.

Choose a lavish stag, with a lavish wedding and a lavish honeymoon. Then realise your 30k in debt.

Choose to settle with someone you barely like, because you’re petrified of being alone.

Choose to blame your parents for being so damn fucked up that you’re even more damn fucked up.

Choose to have children to give them everything mummy and daddy never gave you only to see them taking it for granted and not give a fuck

Choose to get old so can you can reminisce your youth

Choose to look in the mirror when your 89, about to breathe your last breath, and think “If only….”