How can merely a few words be able to influence someone so deeply? Do words have such immense power to withdraw the negativity from a person and act as a healer; act as a positive hope. The words that you speak fly off in this universe, someone somewhere listens to it. Someone understands it, and depicts it and creates a masterpiece; How? You.
Speech is a form of expressing thoughts and emotions, feelings and behavior. Expressing is a form of accepting the person to speak their heart out, and not being oddly judgemental of their thoughts. Because though we belong to the same specie, our minds are different galaxies with different celestial formations and beliefs, where everyone is as unique as other.
We are inter-related, a domino game. How much and to how far our actions will impact depends on how it affects. The effect of the affect will be the resultant of your influence on the people.
Words are powerful than any man-made creations in the world. The power of words can wound the hidden scars or it can carve them hurtfully deeper. It could find the darkness in you and turn on the lights, or dance with devils that live within you. Control.