Running for the W3C Advisory Board

I’m pleased to announce that I am running for the W3C’s Advisory Board. The Advisory Board at W3C provides guidance to the W3C team and membership on items such as strategy, the standardisation process and general management. You can find out more about the AB here.

I’ve been working with the W3C since 2012 across various groups, chairing the Web and Mobile Interest Group. During this time I have also been an active participant at IETF; as well as managing my role as the Internet and Web Director at GSMA. I hope to bring this understanding of association management and span of experience across internet, web and telecoms to the AB.

The AB has done a fantastic job of increasing the global reach of the W3C and improving the standards process. Most individuals working within standards will understand that normal lives do not slow for standards making; so working on tooling and making the W3C an easy place for anyone to work on standards will be one of my top priorities. Using my experience of working in Japan and within other global organisations I hope to work on methods to encourage and keep bright individuals from across the world working on W3C standards.

The openness of the web is one of the true benefits of the web to users, developers and society. Innovating the web to keep it comparable and even better than other platforms is a priority across the W3C. I hope my involvement in the AB will contribute greatly to this; enabling progressive web applications to be secure, innovative and function across network scenarios.

Finally, I hope to use my own and others experiences of working within W3C to understand how groups of all sizes and histories can improve their consensus building, charter development and stakeholder involvement. Listening to all W3C attendees and members will make up most of my role; acting for everyone’s interests is next.

Many thanks for getting to the end! If you’d like to speak to me directly about my AB nomination please email me at nrooney(at) or get in contact on Twitter @thisNatasha.

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